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Free Immigration Application Assessments

Global-Emigration offer a range of free assessments for a variety of work permits and visas. Online points calculators will give you a guide as to whether you might qualify for immigration, but you should ensure that you complete the online process if you would like one of our Immigration Consultants to provide a more detailed assessment of your work permit or visa application. For your convenience, some of these are listed below.

UK Immigration

Tier 1 General Highly Skilled Visa
This is the first Tier of the UK Points Based System. The Tier 1 General Highly Skilled Visa commenced in the UK on 29 February 2008. This replaces HSMP, initially for UK-based applications, and works on a very similar basis to HSMP.

UK Work Visas and Work Permits
A UK Work Permit is granted by Work Permits UK for a job where the employer cannot easily find a suitable person working in the UK and the prospective employee has the required qualifications and or skills and experience.

Canadian Immigration

Canada Skilled Worker Visa
The Canadian Skilled Worker Visa is a points based method of immigration to Canada that allows you to work in Canada without first needing to find a job offer. Extra points are awarded if you have a job offer and our online Canada Skilled Worker Visas Points Calculator will quickly let you know if you can qualify. At the end of this process you should upload your CV or Resume if you would like one of our Consultants to provide a free full assessment of your application.

Australia Immigration

Australia Skilled Worker Visa
The Australia Skilled Worker Visa is a points based visa for immigration to Australia that allows you to work in Canada without first needing to find a job offer. Extra points are awarded if you have a job offer and we offer a Free Assessment for your Australia Skilled Worker Visa application.

Australia Working Holiday Visa
The Working Holiday Visa for Australia allows you to take a working holiday in Australia and enter into work that is incidental to your holiday for up to 12 months. You can read our guide to Working Holiday Visas for Australia and, if you qualify, you can apply through Global-Emigration using our online Working Holiday application.

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